Our Journey to Sustainability

Forests are a fundamental component of our planet recovery. The wilder and more diverse the forests are the more effective they are at absorbing the carbon from the atmosphere. We have the opportunity to re-wild the world and create a perfect home for ourselves by leaning to work with nature rather than against it. Kamellia manages its impact by donating a portion of proceeds from our “Everyday Kamellia” collection towards tree plantation. We believe that, It is our environmental responsibility to do our part and promote a positive change while being the best we can be.


A living world cannot operate without a healthy ocean and neither can we. By damming, polluting oceans and over-extracting lakes, we have reduced the size of the freshwater population by 80% and increased threat to marine biodiversity, Kamellia is proudly working towards being fully zero-waste. We ship using recyclable boxes and never use any plastic. We offer custom tote bags made from our fabric remnants for an added special touch, hand stitched with personalized attention by our proud partners - the women of the Lakshyam Foundation. This bag is available as an add-on with every product to eliminate textile waste.