Our Story


 Welcome to Kamellia - a brand devoted to Mother Earth! 

We are dedicated to providing a timeless line of clothing, made sustainably in India from the finest organic fabrics for any urban wardrobe. 

It is also a home to our signature collection - Everyday Kamellia, a 100% Organic Cotton line which produces elevated classics for a thoughtful audience.

Nature is our biggest ally and our greatest inspiration. A powerful shared conscience will help us to bring about the change & save the finite natural world around us. Kamellia is created out of a profound interest to make people aware of the natural world & our desire for premium & minimalist clothing that leave a negligible impact on the environment. We are making an effort to be a part of the solution by creating awareness through education and working on becoming zero waste as we care deeply about our oceans & the wild. 

Our goal is to spark an inner revolution that what we put on our body is as important as what we put inside them and pledge to make sustainable fashion a little bit more accessible for everyone. 

Our core belief at Kamellia is that 'sustainable can be stylish', and so we provide you with the highest quality sustainable premium clothing dedicated to delivering a new kind of fashion that seamlessly takes you from day to night by the whole time allowing you to feel effortlessly comfortable as well as stylish. The fabrics we use are grown & made sustainably. Each and every product is woven and sewn with so much love and care locally and also delivers an incredible quality. 

The fabric used in our flagship  collection is made from “Organic Soy” which represents the beauty of cashmere also known as “vegetable cashmere or cruelty free cashmere”. It is light & silky soft with just a bit of stretch & also has a natural drape. It is cruelty free cashmere because of its luxurious & soft texture. It is breathable, eco-friendly, soft, and has excellent absorption qualities.

Plus, it is vegan and naturally antibacterial. 

We can’t wait for you to experience a piece of Kamellia crafted exclusively for you by our local artisans, setting a new standard of comfort, sustainability and style.

We, at Kamellia, feel passionate about preserving our Mother Earth and believe that every small step makes a difference. The changes we have to make will only benefit ourselves and the generations to follow. We are proud of anyone putting effort into becoming a better version of themselves - live with intention, make a choice, shop consciously.

Kamellia envisions a secure world for all, and so a portion of sales are donated towards the organizations that work towards the environment as well as support and empower women. 

As we embark on this new journey with only love in our hearts, we hope to receive the very same from you for Kamellia. We urge you to show some love and spread the Joy! 

As Joseph Maley rightly said, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” 

Be a part of the Revolution by joining the #kamelliarevolution